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with Gallery & Office 365




At Gallery, we love solutions that allow you to work smarter and achieve more. That's why we're big fans of Microsoft's Office 365 service. From email (Exchange Online) to document management (SharePoint), online communications (Skype for Business) to business intelligence & automation (PowerApps, Power BI, Flow), it's all there. Back this up with Gallery's ongoing support and guidance and you've got a great combination.


Office 365 for email.

we highly recommend migrating your email to Office 365. It takes away the pain of trying to run your own Exchange server on-premises and gives your organization the opportunity to use email in a more productive and professional way. We take care of the entire email migration project to Office 365 and provide support and administration going forward.


Office 365 for document management.

SharePoint Online, an important component of 365, provides you with an intranet for storing and sharing information. SharePoint can help make your team more collaborative, organized, and productive. We get things rolling using our own SharePoint templates that focus on the best aspects of this open-ended platform. You end up with a secure, custom workspace accessible from anywhere on the web.


Gallery for support.

So you can make the most out of Office 365, outsource the support to us. We'll work as your remote helpdesk offering a personal, tailor-made service to meet your exact needs. Our support doesn't end with 365, though. We also specialize in supporting the computers and networks you use to connect to 365. We've been assisting small businesses and non-profits for over 15 years.


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