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SharePoint Online Services

If you're wondering exactly what SharePoint is, take a look at the clip above. It shows you how SharePoint Online can be a transformative Cloud solution, allowing you to break down organizational silos and use IT to truly collaborate as a team.

However, due to the extreme open-ended and complex nature of SharePoint, if not implemented properly, users can become lost in the system and never experience its true potential. In other words, if not done well, SharePoint can end up hurting your organization rather than helping.

This is where Gallery comes in…

We take the pain out of migrating to SharePoint by using a simple set of best practices to implement a custom solution based on your exact needs. We help achieve your organizational aspirations by guiding you through the process of implementing SharePoint in four clear phases:

Planning: This essential phase involves working with you to collect key information about your organization in order to build a SharePoint solution tailored to your exact needs.

Build:  Here we bring your SharePoint architecture to life by constructing the actual sites, user accounts, permissions, apps, etc. that you will end up using in the live system. We get things rolling using our own SharePoint templates that focus on the best aspects of this open-ended platform.

Training:  With your SharePoint infrastructure now in place, we provide practical training sessions for all stakeholders so everyone is prepared to use the new system.

Go-Live:  The final stage involves migrating your live data up to its new home in SharePoint! It also involves us providing post-project support to ensure all aspects of the system are functioning well in the live environment and that all users are comfortable with their new way of working.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.